Oct 4, 2012

The Wheels on the Bus -The Perfect Film Location

Humble beginnings.
I started working on a project 'Katie and Jess do London' (working title) in April. As a first time film maker and director, the idea was to create something that I could film from home. And my little beds(h)it was perfect -so I thought- in particular the lighting, as there are so many windows and slatted blinds. Genius! A free ready-to-go lighting system! And I happily built my script concept around my set.

Then came the dry-run. I had an audition to record, and I realised there was a slight problem:
Scúp casting tape


So I got a mic, which didn't make matters much better. 

Single-glazed windows facing    =    Feck
busy London road

Trying to make me a million bucks fast I set about recording some new material with the aforementioned mic, demonstrating               

a range of accents which are totally fantabulous

Using the inner hallway of the building (in slightly gung ho fashion) which has no natural light and is shared with other inhabitants, the result was a traffic free sound with a slight echo, or "room sound". Which, loosely translated means: better than before but in no part of your imagination can it be passed off as a professional recording.

A contact on Facebook suggested I use a duvet to further improve the sound! So out to the hallway again we went -this time with 
a duvet over my head and my boyfriend recording everything on his handsome Samsung Galaxy III. This greatly reduced any atmospheric interference. We also discovered that removing the microphone completely resulted in much clearer recordings

Looking forward
Somehow the idea of filming in the hallway is slightly less appealing. Apart from obvious factors such as people needing to get in and out of their flats, (people are just so annoying...) setting up a backdrop and lighting that can be magicked away at the sound of a door opening, seems a step beyond enthusiastic...

The fact is that alternative options to filming from the controllable environ of my little shoebox leave me cold and uninspired. And to be 90% honest I would probably need a budget for that fancy "high falutin" thing that they call a "location". Which is why 'Katie and Jess do London' remains an idea and is not yet an actuality.

Quite unfortunately I haven't made me a million bucks with my sound recordings yet either -which is peculiar.

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