Jun 21, 2013

Creative London: Making the Move. Part 1

Creatives from all fields converge on London like waves to the shore, with the view of breaking into a bigger scene. The film industry in particular is an international contender. Whether there are authentic employment prospects for foreigners in London (in particular those trained elsewhere) is questionable, but such inquiries I leave to destiny and your own investigations.

ETA/Cycling Boosts Economy

If contemplating the move, scraping together the semblance of a financial plan may be wise -not that I myself entertained such a notion, but in the style of Oscar Wilde “the only thing to do with good advice is pass it on”.

Rent: The Hungry Black Hole
Share for a better cut. EasyRoommate it to avoid agency fees. If hankering for a room of one’s own Zoopla or Prime Location might make suitable launching points.

Bedsit London/Loose-grip-99

Skip to the estate agent section and contact each directly if you have the slightest inkling of a desired location; write a novella in the time salvaged from the yawning cavern of disingenuous property ads. 

Always factor in transport costs. Choosing fractionally cheaper accommodation while paying over the odds to commute is for silly billies.

Tube Fares are based on zones and distance traveled. Consider a weekly or monthly Oyster Card when traveling to and from the city frequently.

Bus fares are more economical. They are suitable for shorter trips.

“A bike! A bike! My kingdom for a bike!”
Have the pluck and save a buck! 
Be aware that roads were not designed with cyclists in mind –no matter how brave or crazy (I couldn't decide) the cyclists of London are. While cyclists may boldly claim the roads, tales of accidents and injuries abound. If you’re feeling lucky, Ebay is where it’s at for bargain bikes. Good, detailed cycling maps can be ordered from TFL free of charge. 

Dream, Discover, explore:
Most destinations in zone 1 are within walking distance; it is also zillion times more pleasant than taking the tube.

A note: For those hovering on the threshold-torturous indecision is not an actual direction! If in doubt make the braver choice whatever that may be!

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