Creative Networks

The Actors' Guild
What they say: Driven by the community it serves The Actors’ Guild is an independent not-for-profit organisation. Actor built and Actor led, we offer industry leading workshops, professional 
development, bursaries and support.
Creative Choices
What they say: Creative Choices is dedicated to helping you develop your career in the creative and cultural industries. We can provide information, advice and resources to help you build skills, find new opportunities, or get a better idea about a particular job or career path.

The Federation of Entertainment Unions
What they say: Equity, the Musicians’ Union, The National Union of Journalists and The Writer Guild of Great Britain have joined forces to help freelance members develop the key business skills needed to support career progress.

IdeasTap, London
What they say:
We support creative people through opportunities, funding, arts jobs and career advice.
We are also a thriving community with more than 85,000 members. Sign up and get involved.

The Writers' Guild
What they say: The Writers’ Guild of Great Britain is the trade union representing writers in TV, radio, theatre, books, poetry, film, online and video game

The Arts' Council
What they say: The Arts Council of Ireland is the Irish government agency for developing the arts. We work in partnership with artists, arts organisations, public policy makers and others to build a central place for the arts in Irish life.

The Attic Studio, Dublin
What they say: The Attic Studio is a community of actors, directors, writers & producers who have been meeting since early 2002 to explore drama, share ideas and network.

Irish Equity
What they say: Irish EQUITY represents Actors, Theatre Directors, Stage and Set Designers in Ireland and is part of SIPTU.

Irish Film and Television Network

Screen Directors Guild Ireland
What they say: Established in 2000, the Screen Directors Guild of Ireland (SDGI) is the representative body for Directors involved in the Irish and international audiovisual industry. These include Directors of feature films, fiction, animation documentary, television drama, short films, video art and commercials.

Screen Training Ireland
What they say: Screen Training Ireland works with nationally and internationally recognised industry experts in key areas, to ensure high quality training and development opportunities are available to Irish professionals.

Social Networks
Film Makers Network
What they say: is Ireland's largest filmmaking community, an Irish networking space for people who want to make films. For everyone from novices to busy professionals, it's a place to make contacts, share opinions, discuss movies, contribute ideas, discover talent, build creative relationships and make films.

Crooked House Actors' Forum

Facebook Groups/Australia/Sydney
Sydney Actor
What they say:
A way for local filmmakers and actors to connect and talk about anything relating to their craft and projects and perhaps end up working together. This has been setup as a counter-point to the audition only email list, founded August 2000.

Film Network Ireland

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