While The ahr-tis-tik mind began in 2010 initially to promote my own work as an actor and voice over artist; I quickly found myself chewing the cud on the experience of life on earth as a creative person. It occurred to me in gradual fashion that the area of artistic well-being was a particular interest of mine.

Starting out I found practical advice and guidance on career matters virtually non-existent. The secrecy surrounding the process of being an actor was akin to the blank silence on the subject of learning how to levitate. I was curious to understand why commonly shared obstacles remained unmentionable.

The aim of "The ahr-tis-tik mind" is to promote the sharing of knowledge to support better emotionally equipped and socially intelligent artists in all fields, to crack a smile on a few faces, with the hope of leaving an easier path to navigate for others behind.

("Getting Up From a Fall" was mentioned in Spotlight's weekly round-up on Friday 26th of October 2012. "Ten Things I Wish I'd known about Acting" was mentioned in Spotlight's weekly round-up on the 13th of April 2012, it was also published in the on-line edition of the magazine Film Ireland.)

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